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Bronwyn Jones

Bronwyn Jones is a media researcher and practitioner with a focus on developing research and innovation approaches that enable meaningful collaboration and co-production between industry and academia to improve knowledge generation and transfer. She focuses on the responsible and ethical application of AI in journalism and value-aligned approaches to developing and deploying data-driven and algorithmic systems in public service media. Jones champions the translation of scientific work for publics, practitioners, and policymakers, while ensuring the voices of these groups are represented in research. For example, she ensures research outputs are publicly available and shared across disciplinary domains (e.g. AI & Journalism policy briefing notes), she contributes to public and professional panels on these topics (e.g. 2022 BBC AI Conference), and leads multidisciplinary academic-industry stakeholder workshops to construct research agendas informed by real-world challenges (e.g. AI & PSM project). Her collaboration with editorial and technical practitioners has led to co-authored peer-reviewed publications, for instance regarding methods for fostering AI intelligibility for journalists, and to co-produced organisational strategy documents and educational resources. Jones is currently establishing the Public Media Futures research group at Edinburgh University to build a network for researching what emerging data-driven technologies mean for public service media.

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Artificial intelligence makes it possible today to distinguish profiles based on user data, on the basis of which administrators of social networks and large media companies know which groups are sensitive to which types of information. However, how transparent and correct is this information?

The intention is to gather scientific insights about major societal challenges in LIAS on the basis of international and interdisciplinary consultation.

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