The following subjects are currently being discussed at LIAS:

New living arrangements for the boomer generation
Spring 2023
With age, the health and social needs of older adults become more complex. The way in which living arrangements and care are currently organised needs to be reviewed.
Principles for a Balanced Pension Reform
Autumn 2023
This LIAS working group is exploring what the starting points for a balanced and socially just pension reform could be.
Water: scarcity and flooding
Spring 2024
This project is focused on the interdisciplinary aspects of water management, such as the link with spatial planning, energy management, food supply, the economic aspects, ...


Discover LIAS’ most recent projects:

Data scientists. Male programmer using laptop analyzing and developing in various information on futuristic virtual interface screen. Algorithm. marketing and deep learning of artificial intelligence
Reporting and Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2022
Artificial Intelligence facilitates the provision of tailor-made information. However, how transparent and correct is this information?
Klimaatdemonstratie - li-an-lim-ycW4YxhrWHM-unsplash_small
Societal Aspects of Climate Change
Spring 2022
How do various experts from countries outside Europe look at major challenges related to climate change?

Democracy and Civil Society
Spring 2019
At the moment, it feels as if democracy were in crisis. What are the causes and what are the possible solutions?
Societal Aspects of Dementia
Spring 2018
Approximately 35 million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer's and dementia. This figure will almost double in the next 20 years.

The intention is to gather scientific insights about major societal challenges in LIAS on the basis of international and interdisciplinary consultation.

Luc Sels

Rector KU Leuven and Co-Chair LIAS Foundation