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Expert lectures: Societal Aspects of Climate Change
On 13, 18 and 25 May LIAS organises three expert lectures in the framework of the project 'Societal aspects of climate change'. In the Hollands College Robert Jeszke (Poland), Florian Kaiser (Germany) and Lindsay Bremner (UK) will speak successively about the role energy conversion, behavioural change and big cities play in the climate issue.
Photo gallery Academic Session LIAS in the University Library
An impression of the academic session in the University Library on 2 November 2021. After the opening lecture by Robbert Dijkgraaf, Luc Sels and Joost Van Meerbeeck presented LIAS, after which Bruno Holthof, Geert Meyfroidt and Corinne Vandermeulen discussed the lessons from the pandemic in a debate moderated by Isabel Albers.
Photo gallery presentation LIAS at Hollands College
The academic session in the University Library was followed by a networking event in Hollands College, LIAS' base. Luc Sels, Bart Pattyn and Joost Van Meerbeeck welcomed the guests.
KU Leuven presents: Leuven Institute for Advanced Study (LIAS) – The Aftermovie(s)
In the words of Robbert Dijkgraaf, director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, delivered during his opening lecture on 2 November: β€œAn IAS must never be isolated. Ideas must be able to escape from the lab and infect others.”
LIAS Foundation Established
On 2 June 2021, the Rector and the General Administrator of KU Leuven signed an agreement with Joost and Hilde Van Meerbeeck-Debois and their family office. This resulted in the establishment of LIAS Foundation which, building on the work of the Herman Van der Wee Fund and alongside the contribution of the KU Leuven, will provide the means for developing LIAS.
Covid-19 and Vaccination: Which Strategy? Debate with Bruno Holthof
The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lot. It has taught us how fragile our social and economic interactions are, but also how a crisis gives rise to creativity and commitment.
Presentation of LIAS on 2 November 2021
In the Autumn, LIAS will be presented to the general public. This will take place on 2 November 2021 at 5 pm in the Reading Room of KU Leuven's Central Library. Introductory speakers are Robbert Dijkgraaf (Director Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton), Luc Sels (Rector KU Leuven), and Joost Van Meerbeeck (Co-Chair LIAS/LIAS Foundation). This will be followed by a debate with Bruno Holthof (CEO Oxford University Hospitals), Geert Meyfroidt (Clinical Director UZ Leuven) and Corinne Vandermeulen (Leuven University Vaccinology Center).
Joost Van Meerbeeck EN

For complex challenges an interdisciplinary synthesis can be more important and more relevant than technical and disciplinary expertise. Global problems require an international synthesis.

Joost Van Meerbeeck

Co-Chair LIAS/LIAS Foundation