Laura Harty

Architect and writer, Laura Harty, is a Lecturer in Design & Detail and Director of the BA/MA Architecture programme at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA), University of Edinburgh.

Trained as an architect at University College Dublin, Laura is a guest reviewer at Queens Belfast, and former teaching fellow at Newcastle University where she received a Masters in Architectural Theory + Criticism.

Her award winning practice work for O’Donnell + Tuomey 2008-2014 remains central to her practice. Drawing on the disciplines in which she is trained, her PhD research, Transparent Things, engages and experiments with the role and impact of the architectural substrate on the environment which it mediates, instructs and ignores.

As an active member of  ESALA Climate Action, she aims towards a critical understanding of the relations between these media and the production labour / ecological impact hiding within the processes of deliverables, specifications, workflows and stages.

Klimaatdemonstratie - li-an-lim-ycW4YxhrWHM-unsplash_small
Which global changes are needed to achieve the goals of the 2015 Paris climate agreement? How can policy stimulate these transitions in the most effective and efficient way, given the diversity of economic, political and cultural contexts of different countries around the world, and given the enormous global investments needed for these Paris goals?

For complex challenges an interdisciplinary synthesis can be more important and more relevant than technical and disciplinary expertise. Global problems require an international synthesis.

Joost Van Meerbeeck

Co-Chair LIAS/LIAS Foundation