Gina Cavan_BW

Gina Cavan

Geography & Planning, Manchester University

Gina Cavan is a geographer with particular interests in applied climatology, urban ecosystems, and urban climate & adaptation. Her research explores the interactions of climate with ecosystems and human societies in order to strengthen climate resilience and create healthy liveable cities. To do this she applies a range of techniques including geographical information systems GIS and environmental modelling tools. Her research and teaching focuses upon cities across the UK, Europe, Africa and China, addressing global challenges persistent in urban environments such as rapid urbanisation, degraded ecosystems, climate change, and social justice, through three interlinked themes: applied climatology, urban ecosystems, and urban climate adaptation planning. Her research emphasises interdisciplinary approaches, and seeks to promote impactful research that influences policy and practice. This applied research is of interest to various stakeholders and Cavan is committed to engaging the public with my research. She has worked closely with policymakers, practitioners and the public on various initiatives, including co-designed projects.


The intention is to gather scientific insights about major societal challenges in LIAS on the basis of international and interdisciplinary consultation.

Luc Sels

Rector KU Leuven and Co-Chair LIAS Foundation